There’s always a good reason for a walk across the deciduous forest. Every season offers its own experience.


There used to be a fuzzy border between the village and the woods, between home and the outdoors.


The scops owl’s nursery rhyme, the nightingale’s serenade, the blackbird’s flute … I simply love birds.

Sky of cranes

More than 10000 migrating cranes use Gallocanta as their stopover.


One bird, one foggy background, delightful moments for the wildlife filmmaker.

Pine grove

Red ants shepherd aphils on a thistle near the pine grove.

Fine art prints

I'm proficient in traditional fine art printing processes. Prints are shipped unmatted in protective tubes. You can buy fine art prints handmade by me on eBay.

Silver gelatin

Traditional silver gelatin prints on fiber-base baryta paper, hand-made in the darkroom. Selenium or sulphide toned for archival longevity.


Alternative iron-silver process based on hand-sensitized watercolor paper. Palladium toned and chemical-wise similar to palladiotype.

About me

I'm a Spanish electrical engineer and photographer. My work is mostly inspired by wildlife and the countryside of Galicia on the Northwest of Spain. Besides photography, I love fine art printing with traditional methods, wildlife filmmaking and field recording.

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